Mojisola Olubummo

Please tell us about your professional background and your current or most recent role.

Currently Chief Human Resources Officer, Lagoon Hospitals

What were your reasons for enrolling in the Fundamentals of Coaching and Essentials of Coaching Course?

To find me, discover my inner self, and chart a good path towards a well informed and empowered life

How do you plan to utilise your new skills as a Certified Coach?

There are areas in the disciple that will help me become a person, which I will be delving into. Another is also to help others as they get clarity in life, thus empowering themselves to become a better version of who they are.

What was your experience in this journey with EZ37 Solutions Ltd, the approved provider of your coach training programme?

I have become better, first by loving myself, accepting who I am, not being judgmental. I have also seen life from other perspectives. I have been exposed to tools to evaluate myself and be better.

EZ37 solutions is the place to be. You will discover the YOU and you will be equipped to maintain the YOU and supported in the journey to keep rediscovering, refiring and developing the YOU. I am so grateful to the faculty @ EZ37 solutions. It's an amazing experience!

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