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‘Typically, the more experienced the coach, the higher the reported average fee per one-hour coaching session, the greater the number of clients, and the more weekly hours spent working as a coach’.
- 2023 ICF Global Coaching Study
As an ICF Accredited Coach Education Provider we appreciate that coaches may require support to accumulate qualification practice coaching hours towards an ICF credential. Whether your goal is ACC, PCC or MCC the EZ Coaching Peer to Peer gives you access to a network of certified and credential coaches.

Here’s how EZ Peer to Peer Coaching works

  • Complete and submit the enrollment form
  • You will receive an email with the link to the list of participants in the peer to peer programme
  • Select and contact your preferred coaching partner(s) from the list we provide in the email.
  • Set up a coaching agreement to include mutually agreed timeframe/number of sessions etc. You would coach each other at each meeting for at least one hour. So allow 2 hours per meeting.

The requirements to join EZ Peer to Peer Coaching?

  • Complete an ICF accredited coach training programme
    (Level 1, Level 2, ACSTH or ACTP or Portfolio Path)
  • Be accountable for your progress
  • Agree to abide by the ICF code of conduct
  • Agree to be supportive and respectful of other

EZ Peer to Peer Coaching Rules

It is free to join the EZ Coaching Peer to Peer. We reserve the right to remove you from access to the programme if you violate the rules:

  1. Before you can access the programme, you must first sign the Peer-to-Peer Agreement to gain access to the programme. The Agreement governs all peer- to-peer interactions conducted through our programme.
  2. Only coaches certified through an ICF accredited programme and ICF credential coaches are eligible to participate.
  3. You and your peer can record the sessions if you both agree. The recording will not be available on EZ Peer to Peer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is peer to peer coaching

The exchange of coaching between two people who are coaches is known as peer-to-peer coaching.

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EZ Coaching Alumni
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