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Professional Coach Certification Programme (PCCP)

The programme guides you through the "Fundamentals of coaching course" and the "Essentials of coaching course" by expanding on the ABCDE of coaching

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Advanced Coach Certification Programme (ACCP)

The programme aims for participants to demonstrate the ICF core competencies at an advanced level thus providing excellent value for clients and organisations.

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Coaching Skills Training for Managers and Leaders

The coaching skills for Managers and Leaders training will empower the leadership in utilising coaching skills to support members of their team, leading to employee retention, strong employer brand as well as increase productivity and profit.

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Group / Team Coaching

The necessity of coaching is emerging across all sectors as a critical developmental tool. This course enables groups/teams to navigate the challenges of today’s complex and fast-changing environment.

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Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching enables you to take your coaching to the next level by receiving targeted and focused feedback from a Mentor Coach to assist you to develop your coaching skills by exploring core coaching competencies and how you are using them in your practice.

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Leadership / Executive Coaching

We provide individually tailored coaching solutions for high ranking executives in the organisation.

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