David Barnard

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Please tell us about your professional background and your current or most recent role.

Over a quarter of a century as a senior designer of leadership development programmes at Hay Group and Korn Ferry. Lead programme facilitator and team effectiveness consultant, executive coach. As Director of Pracsys Advisory Limited I work with clients to inspire clear, free thinking that enriches lives, relationships, and communities.

What was your experience in this journey with EZ37 Solutions Ltd, the training provider of the Professional Coach Certification Programme (PCCP) which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)?

EZ37 Solutions Ltd drew together an outstanding group of tutors from Africa, Europe, and North America. Each brought distinctive perspectives and experience to the learning of our group. The PCCP attracted a varied group of experienced business leaders, enhancing the collaborative learning in both formal group sessions and self-managed practice pods. The course was well structured and facilitated to create a safe and highly engaged team atmosphere.

What were your reasons for enrolling in the Fundamentals of Coaching and Essentials of Coaching Course?

• Refresh and enhance executive coaching skills

• Learn with international tutors and colleagues

• Stretch myself in a new cultural environment

How do you plan to utilise your new skills as a Certified Coach?

Integrate insights as a natural extension of my consulting and coaching experience, and continue to share learning with the outstanding cohort of coach colleagues.
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