Philomena Aneke

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Please tell us about your professional background and your current or most recent role.

• Digital & Technology Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc.
• Experience includes four years of international role in Amsterdam as Programme Manager of an ERP design, implementation and change management initiative at Heineken International for 14 operating companies across Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.
• Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
• Possess skills sets that have been honed via roles in Finance, SC business controlling and Procurement

What were your reasons for enrolling in the Fundamentals of Coaching and Essentials of Coaching Course?

To be better able to coach my associates and mentees

How do you plan to utilise your new skills as a Certified Coach?

To support my clients to become more self-reliant and take action towards the future /results they want.

What was your experience in this journey with EZ37 Solutions Ltd, the approved provider of your coach training programme?

It was an amazing experience to work with the professional coaches and faculty of EZ37.
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