Adeola Kagho

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Please tell us about your professional background and your current or most recent role.

With 17 years of experience in the retail sector, I was a vital member of the Senior team at Shoprite, ( Africa’s leading supermarket chain) Nigeria division that spearheaded the development of the formal retail industry in Nigeria. Beginning as a trainee manager, I ascended to the role of Executive Director within the Shoprite Group, Nigeria division. My focus in Human Resources management as the country HR leader involved cultivating a motivated and ethical team through recruitment, development, and retention strategies. I have nurtured numerous retail leaders who have excelled in their roles, establishing a reputation for developing local talent to manage world-class supermarkets in a skill-deficient environment. Leading transformative cross-functional projects, I significantly contributed to cost savings and the resolution of longstanding organizational challenges. A pivotal member of the Nigeria leadership team, I played a key role in expanding the company from one store to 24 outlets and establishing a state-of-the-art distribution center. Recently transitioning to the renewable energy sector, I now serve as the Country Head of HR at Engie Energy Access, bringing my wealth of experience to drive impactful change in a new industry landscape.

What were your reasons for enrolling in the Fundamentals of Coaching and Essentials of Coaching Course?

I enrolled in the coaching program as part of my career development journey to explore and identify my areas of strength. The experience proved to be transformative, offering me valuable insights and growth opportunities.

How do you plan to utilise your new skills as a Certified Coach?

I plan to leverage my new coaching skills in several phases. Initially, I aim to instill a coaching culture within my organization, fostering growth and development among colleagues. In parallel, I intend to extend my impact to the community through coaching conversations and explore online coaching opportunities. Looking ahead, I aspire to establish an online coaching platform as part of my long-term vision to reach a broader audience and make a meaningful difference through coaching.

What was your experience in this journey with EZ37 Solutions Ltd, the approved provider of your coach training programme?

My experience with the training provider was exceptional across all facets. The program excelled in its structure, delivery, facilitation, and administrative support. The learning management system they utilized was particularly impressive, offering a seamless and organized learning experience. Overall, the training was top-notch in every aspect, providing a well-rounded and efficiently managed learning environment.
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