Adepeju Adegoke

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Please tell us about your professional background and your current or most recent role.

Managing Partner, NeShama Concepts


Possess over 30 years diverse work experience in business administration, customer service, sales, and human resources management. This work experience covers the public, private, non-governmental, legal, health and educational sectors.

What were your reasons for enrolling in the Fundamentals of Coaching and Essentials of Coaching Course?

I wanted to have the hands on professional training on coaching so that I could coach better. And obviously that was the best decision I made, because it brought clarity to what coaching actually is.

How do you plan to utilise your new skills as a Certified Coach?

I intend to use it to support people and organisations in their quest of becoming a better version of themselves. That has always been my desire and now I can provide it that support in a more credible way.

What was your experience in this journey with EZ37 Solutions Ltd, the approved provider of your coach training programme?

The experience has been quite indelible. The quality of facilitators was very high in terms of knowledge, ability to transfer the knowledge and facilitate learning during the sessions. The idea of the pod groups also fostered comradery, learning and feedback to aid skills development. I loved all my pod sessions. It gave me opportunity to develop rapport with all the members of the cohort. Nice!


The participation of the MD, EZ37 Solutions was encouraging, it sent a clear statement of ownership of the entire process. To me it meant, “I am here also for your success”. The support of the EZ37 coordinating group was superb. They responded promptly, ever resourceful and supportive. Now the calibre of the speakers at the graduation was breathtaking and we could not have had better speakers. It was impartation time for me. Those minutes spent with them have put ‘winds in my sail ‘to success not only as a coach but in every sphere of life.. Thank you very much EZ37 Solutions. Thank you. I will surely recommend your organisation.

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